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International Society for Dermatologic and Aesthetic Surgery (ISDS)
 Donnersbergring 18, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany

About ISDS

The International Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS) provides the insentive of keeping its members up to date with the latest developments and rapid changes in Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgery.

The annual meeting is concerned with discussing new advances in classical Dermatologic Surgery and beyond in other innovative fields such as laser therapies, the use of botulinum toxin, alternative wrinkle treatments and a variety of other cosmetic procedures.

The ISDS encourages continuing education and research in the field of dermatologic surgery and relates to the experienced professional as well as the young generation of Dermatologists around the world. The aim is to share the learning experience of the scientific developments tought by the world most reknown experts in each subspecialty.

The international annual meeting gives the participants the opportunity to create individual visions and discuss the latest advances, share experiences and form international friendships with the leaders in the field during the scientific program as well as the events of the social agenda. To read more about ISDS, visit www.isdsworld.com